The Incentive to Innovate

The PSI-CLONE™ tool is being developed to make well fracturing more cost effective and to address escalating technical and environmental concerns associated with traditional hydraulic fracturing methods. The intent was to create a disruptive tool that would increase the permeability of rock formations and improve overall well performance at a lower cost – all without the use of water.

RocketFrac is working to complete development of a waterless fracturing process by taking the PSI-CLONE™ tool from concept to deployment and refining the rocket-fueled technology.

The PSI-CLONE™ tool will be fully functional in both vertical and horizontal well applications and will be a powerful enhancement of existing technology.


Propellant Fracturing

The Propellant Fracturing Concept

Propellant fracturing offers both operational and environmental advantages over traditional hydraulic fracturing.

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RocketFrac PSI-CLONE™ Tool

Brings significant advances over existing technology. Expands applications to both vertical and horizontal applications.