Why RocketFrac?

Environmentally Responsible

RocketFrac's technology eliminates major environmental concerns associated with traditional hydraulic well fracturing. With our tools there is:

  • NO water required

  • NO wastewater recycling needed

  • NO sand required for proppant

  • NO safety or handling risks

  • NO damage to surroundings

  • NO harmful by-products released into the air, water or land

  • NO risk of contaminating groundwater

  • NO associated seismic activity

  • NO truck congestion - minimizes traffic, noise and emissions

The U.S. uses more than 175 million gallons of water per day for hydraulic fracturing.
The PSI-CLONE™ tool uses NO water!

Superior Technology

RocketFrac employs a state-of-the-art propellant-based fracturing process that uses a uniquely formulated solid rocket propellant to generate high-pressure gases for fracturing rock formations. Our process features several important advancements over previous propellant fracturing technologies. RocketFrac will combine a unique propellant formulation and isolation mechanism to maximize fracture formation and growth.

Current technology has been successfully deployed in over 1000 vertical wells, resulting in an average 225% increase in hydrocarbon recovery.

Our proprietary isolating system will further improve upon this success by allowing deployment in both vertical and deviated wells of any length.

Competitive Advantage

  • Improved production rates

  • Reduced treatment time

  • Reduced onsite personnel and infrastructure

  • Eliminates logistics including: purchasing, transporting and storing proppant and water

  • Eliminates need for wastewater recovery and recycling/disposal

  • RocketFrac's PSI-CLONE™ tool can be quickly and safely reused multiple times for well fracturing operations

  • Capable of treating multiple zones in a single trip

Multiple Applications

  • New completions and existing wells

  • On- and off-shore

  • Horizontal and vertical wellbores

  • Remote and water-scarce locations

60-80% of all wells drilled in the U.S. over the next 10 years will require fracturing to produce economically. RocketFrac's PSI-CLONE™ tool offers environmentally safe and efficient access to these reserves.