Why RocketFrac?

Environmentally Responsible

RocketFrac's technology eliminates major environmental concerns associated with traditional hydraulic well fracturing. With our tools there is:

  • NO water required

  • NO wastewater recycling needed

  • NO sand required for proppant

  • NO safety or handling risks

  • NO damage to surroundings

  • NO harmful by-products released into the air, water or land

  • NO risk of contaminating drinking or groundwater

  • NO associated seismic activity

  • NO truck congestion - minimizes traffic, noise and emissions

The U.S. uses 173 million gallons of water per day for traditional hydraulic fracturing.
The PSI-CLONE™ tool uses NO water!

Superior Technology

RocketFrac employs a state-of-the-art propellant-based fracturing process that uses a uniquely formulated solid rocket fuel to generate high-pressure gases for fracturing rock formations. Our process features several important advancements over previous gas fracturing applications. By working directly with manufacturers to develop our propellant, RocketFrac will precisely tailor pressures to each well and formation to ensure successful fracturing.

Current technology has been successfully deployed in over 600 vertical wells, resulting in an average 225% increase in hydrocarbon recovery.

Our proprietary isolating system will further improve upon this success by allowing deployment in both vertical and deviated wells of any length. Additionally, by containing the pressure for longer duration treatments, we will increase fracture penetration.

Competitive Advantage

  • Improves production rates

  • Reduces recovery costs

  • Lowers labour costs by reducing necessary onsite personnel

  • Eliminates expenses including: purchasing, transporting and storing proppant and water

  • Eliminates the need for wastewater recovery and recycling/disposal

  • No production delays due to plugged wells

  • Requires less onsite infrastructure

  • RocketFrac's PSI-CLONE™ tool can be quickly and safely reused multiple times for well fracturing operations

Multiple Applications

  • Lower-cost alternative to drilling new wells

  • Revives older, underperforming wells

  • On- and off-shore applications

  • Fractures both horizontal and vertical wellbores

  • Can be safely used in all types of rock formations

  • Efficiently accesses reserves in remote and water-scarce areas

The Business Opportunity

60-80% of all wells drilled in the U.S. over the next 10 years will require fracturing to produce economically, but this opportunity is threatened by public concern over environmental issues related to hydraulic fracturing.

Due to the recent US election, there is currently a supportive political climate for continued oil and gas drilling and infrastructure buildout. However, this is still significant public pushback to increased well fracturing due to environmental concerns. RocketFrac's PSI-CLONE™ tool can eliminate these concerns, and allow safe, environmentally friendly access to threatened reserves. As such, governments and businesses at all levels will benefit from endorsing the use of RocketFrac's technology in the oil and gas industry. Our PSI-CLONE™ tool can be embraced as a green initiative, while still allowing access to the economic benefits of the shale boom.