RocketFrac PSI-CLONE™ Tool

Render of the PSI-CLONE tool

RocketFrac's patent pending tool provides fracture zone isolation for unprecedented performance in solid rocket propellant applications.

Existing propellant fracturing technologies have been successfully deployed in hundreds of wells with exceptional results. However, despite their success, existing tools face limitations which constrain their use to short duration treatments in vertical wells. These limitations have prevented their use in widespread applications.

PSI-CLONE™ is a completely new application of propellant fracturing, featuring a range of cutting-edge technologies, the most important of which are:

  • Re-usable, fully integrated well bore isolation mechanisms

  • Uniquely formulated, proprietary solid rocket propellant developed to deliver a long-duration pressure profile

Revolutionary Isolation Solution

One of the key aspects of the PSI-CLONE™ tool is its ability to deliver long duration pressure profiles, thanks to our unique new isolation mechanisms. Conventional well bore packers are unable to contain the exhaust gases of a solid rocket propellant.

PSI-CLONE's integrated isolation mechanisms are:

  • Automatically deployed

  • Fully capable of containing the pressure generated by the solid propellant

  • Designed for easy removal from wells

  • Re-usable

Oilfield Specific Design

PSI-CLONE™ is the first tool to use a specially designed propellant formulation to achieve the optimum pressure profile for effective well stimulation. The propellant and initiation mechanisms are built specifically for use on wellsites, and are fully compliant with all oilfield safety requirements. Our propellant is safe to handle and transport and has no harmful by-products, eliminating those risks to both personnel and the environment.

Advantages of the PSI-CLONE™ Tool

Traditional Hydraulic Fracturing Site

Traditional Hydraulic Fracturing Site

RocketFrac Fracturing Site

PSI-CLONE Fracturing Site

The PSI-CLONE tool offers many environmental and operational benefits over traditional hydraulic fracturing operations:

PSI-CLONE™ Hydraulic Fracturing
Onsite Personnel 3-5 20-30+
Equipment Required One wireline or coiled tubing unit Multiple pumper trucks and water tanks
Water Requirement Well bore fluids only Up to 20 million gallons
Proppant Requirement None Up to 20 million pounds
Casing Requirement Cased hole, perforated Special casing for separating zones/re-entries
(i.e. plug & perf, sliding sleeve)
Staging No restriction on number of stages or lateral lengths Maximum number of zones depending on well completion
Time Duration (Single Zone) ~30 seconds Multiple hours up to days
Multiple Zones Can string tools to treat multiple zones in a single trip Most zones must be treated seperately
Environmental No contaminated water to potentially damage local environment Water must be recycled or disposed, risk of spill and groundwater contamination
Infrastructure Small equipment requirement protects local infrastructure Equipment, water and proppant delivery traffic damages roads, inconveniences residents